Kooky Kitty: Crazy cat habits and what they mean



Is your cat bouncing off the walls or obsessively behaving in a way that is worthy of a viral video?

These unusual or amusing actions may seem random but there is often an explanation behind them. Find out what some of the most common crazy cat habits mean:

The Scratcher 

Scratching the furniture can be irritating to any cat owner, but there is a good reason why puss keeps digging her claws into your new couch. No, your cat is not trying to get back at you or teach you a lesson, he or she is merely trying to mark her territory, using the scent glands located under her paw pads.

Another reason cats scratch is that it helps keep their nails in check. You can minimise the amount of unwanted scratching by getting your feline friend’s nails trimmed regularly. You can also designate a place for your cat to stretch their claws by providing a scratching post or even a piece of old carpet.

Cats who are constantly scratching can be very frustrating. If you and your furniture can’t take any more, have a chat with your vet.

The Gift-giver

“Dear Owner, I present you with…. this mouse carcass. You’re welcome.”

Has your cat ever dropped a dead rodent, bird or lizard at your feet and then looked as though it expects praise? It is not uncommon for them to bring in little ‘gifts’ like these — even if you aren’t all that appreciative!

Experts have several theories as to why a cat brings home dead animals, and none of them are sinister. It could be that your kitty is trying to take care of you by bringing you a fresh, tasty snack. Another theory is that your cat may want you to store their amazing catch for them to have later. They could also be feeling generous enough to share the portions they don’t wish to eat themselves.

Keen hunters pose a risk to native animals so to save local wildlife (and skip the carcass removal jobs), fix a bell onto your cat’s collar. To be a responsible cat owner, you should also try to keep your cat inside during dawn and dusk, when the majority of small animals are out and about.

The Space Invader

Do you look up from the couch, only to be presented with a close-up of your cat’s butt?

Believe it or not, this is a feline compliment! Cats break the ice through scent and presenting her tail-end means is her way of saying, “Hello there”.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to take a sniff!

Another way a cat will communicate with you is with a headbutt. When your pet headbutts you, she is saying she trusts you and feels safe. She is also sharing her pheromones with you. This behaviour is called ‘bunting’, but don’t worry if your kitty doesn’t do it as not all cats are the same.

The Midnight Runner

Some cats keep the whole house awake by running amok in the middle of the night. One of the main reasons for a cat going bonkers and letting loose around the house is because they are releasing their stored energy.

Cats love to lay around all day (lucky for them), but sometimes they need to let out a quick burst of get-up-and-go, hence the sudden sprint workout. The 2 am shenanigans you hear could also be a result of your pet going after a mouse.

In some cases, skittish behaviour can be caused by fleas, which can make cats jumpy and jittery. If your cat seems agitated, check them closely to make sure they’re not just itchy.

Most of the crazy behaviours that annoy and amuse us are natural instincts cats are born with. However, if any of these strange ways start to impact on your life, speak with your vet to find a solution.

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