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Also, known and Blue Heelers or Red Heelers, they are a medium sized dog that were bred for herding cattle. Extremely loyal and hardy dogs, they need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. They and are known for their destructive behaviour when bored. This means they are not suited to apartment living.Average life span 12 – 15 years.

Prone illnesses include*

Hip dysplasia

an abnormal formation of the hip socket, which causes inflammation, arthritis and in its most severe form crippling lameness.

Elbow dysplasia

A condition involving multiple developmental abnormalities of the elbow-joint in the dog, specifically the growth of cartilage or the structures surrounding it. If untreated, can lead to painful arthritis and lameness.


Pressure inside the eye, causing inadequate fluid drainage in the eye. If the condition becomes chronic or persists without treatment, it will eventually cause permanent damage to the optic nerve, resulting in blindness.

Progressive retinal atrophy

Like retinitis pigmentosa in humans, it is characterised by the bilateral degeneration of the retina, causing progressive vision loss culminating in blindness. Progressive and present in many senior dogs, who can adapt well to their gradual loss of vision.


Progressive or sudden inability to hear. Can be caused by trauma, cancer, infection or long-term changes to the structures of the ear.

Portosystemic shunt

Also known as a liver shunt, is a bypass of the liver by the body's circulatory system. It can be either a congenital or acquired condition.


A condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone. This condition is often called underactive thyroid.

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