Ragdoll Pet Insurance

The Ragdoll is one of the biggest domestic cats there is, with the males weighing as much as 9kg! Both males and females have large, blue eyes and a long luxurious coat, which comes in a huge variety of colours and patterns. The Ragdoll cat makes a great pet for apartments, and families. Incredibly calm and tolerant, their life expectancy is 10-12 years.

Prone illnesses include*

Polycystic kidney disease

An inherited disorder in which countless cysts (hence, polycystic) develop in the kidneys. Cysts are small round membranous sacs filled with a watery fluid. As the cysts grow and multiply, they slowly replace normal kidney tissue, impairing function.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)

The most commonly diagnosed cardiac disease in cats. Characterised by regional or diffuse thickening of the walls of the ventricle, (the primary "pump" muscle of the heart) it leads to heart failure if not treated.

Neonatal isoerythrolysis

A life-threatening condition caused when kittens, who have type A blood, nurse from their type B mother during the first 24 hours.

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